Friends and Dragons

You’ll have to decide which is which.

I ran across the most amazing little animation.  From the first few moments, I thought I knew what it would be, but…

We’re back to the qualities of Mercy and Hope, forgiveness for the honest apology, and acknowledgement for growth.  It is, I think, the purest form of vengeance:  everything is made right.

A bit of a horrible beginning, an adorable baby dragon is killed (mostly off camera), but keep watching.

Reversal of Heart

Then, there is my friend Fiona Skye, writer and editor and awesome person, whose amazing pupper was interviewed by Whiskers (the cat or of the Nine Realms).  Who knew author’s pets were so creative?  I wonder what my rooster, Bruce, might say?  He’s a wee little fellow who likes his head scritched.

Cooper Dishes to Whiskers


One of my husbeast’s oldest friends has a super talented daughter who’s opened up commissions.  She just made the cutest Pop-figure!  She also made my adorable steam punk-y Deadpool necklace.  :3

Who was that Masked Pen?

Meantime, I’m starting to think I should stagger these updates out over the week, rather than throwing them all out on Mondays and Fridays.  Yeah.  That would probably be better.

Also Meantime:  Holy Cats it’s hot.



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